Just a few weeks ago I was talking about a friend I made and how I know eventually things would probably come to an end. It finally ended and in a big way. It all started with her texting me in the morning to see if my family would like to accompany hers to a water park in August. I told her I would have to see because we were headed to NY for about a week and a half for a birthday celebration for one of my grandmothers. A little later in the afternoon she then proceeds to text me again. I had some family members in town so I waited until I dropped them off and the airport to read her messages. She asked me to meet up with her mother in NYC to bring her back some pastries. I explained to her that I was going upstate NY and not to the city. I also told her that even though I was going to NY I was actually staying in PA. She didn't reply for several hours and then when I saw how long her reply was I knew it was going to be some drama.

She proceeded to call me a liar and said I'm now changing my story because I don't want to do her a favor. She also accuses me about lying about my grandmother coming to visit one time (which she has actually visited me twice and I've been to her house several times since I moved to NC). She then continues the rant stating that she's always kind enough to invite me places but when I have family in town (which has been constantly lately and I love it) I don't invite her over.  She brings up a time when I came over to her house for a BBQ and how unapreciative I was when I was there (we brought wine, thanked them for having us over, and sincerely complimented her decor multiple times). She tells me I can stop lying and making up stories because she's not impressed with my life and how she didn't need a "stuck up b*" in her life; that she was happy and had plenty of friends and was not hard pressed for them so she wished me the best of luck. When I tried to respond to her messages none of mine were going through. When I tried to call it went to voicemail. I then realized she blocked me. I guess the new thing to do is to curse and tell someone off via text messages and then block them so they can't respond back.

If I was able to respond back to her it would go a little something like this: I'm not sure why if I stated I was going to NY someone would automatically assume I meant the city. NY is a big state and more exist to it than just the 5 boroughs. Yes I lived in the city at one point but I also lived "upstate" too and the last place I lived in NY is where my maternal grandmother still lives to this day. Also, NY and PA are bordering states so why would it be far fetched for me to be staying in PA especially as I mentioned in several post I don't come from a wealthy family. My 95 year old grandmother lives in a nursing home and not in one of the best areas in upstate. Aside from that since becoming an adult anytime I travel up to NY I always stay with my farther. Why? Because he lives in a decent area and has the space for me to stay a few days. Where he lives is on the border of PA and NY so if I want to visit my grandmother it only takes an hour and a half. I have a cousin on my maternal side that lives in NJ that's also only an hour and half away in the opposite direction. If I want to go to the city I can be there in two hours. Aside from all this as an adult unless you're doing something illegal you're not required to explain yourself to anyone. I don't have to give a broken down, detailed explanation of where I'm going, nor do I need to give my itinerary for my trip. Last time I checked I was not married to her. Also, if the only reason someone is inviting you to do things with them is so they can receive favors in return this is definitely not someone I want in my life. Conditional friendships are not my thing.

After reading over her texts several times I realized something big. She's clearly not as happy with her life as she would like to portray and her texts to me was more about how she feels about her life and self as a whole versus how she feels about me. Would you like to know how I know this? 1) She stated she was unimpressed by my life. That is actually funny because I didn't realize I was supposed to be entertaining her by putting on a show. 2) She has plenty of friends and knows who they are so she doesn't need me. That's great so if that's true why did she repeatedly invite me out if she has other friends? She could have just invited them and stopped communicating with me. 3) I didn't invite you over when I had relatives in town. Why would I? Other than my brother (and lets get real here why would I invite a married woman to hang out with my non-married brother) the other relatives that have visited I don't see often and are typically in town for just a day or two. This also shows me that she's starved for attention because who wants to impose on someone else's family time? 4) I'm a liar and a stuck up b*. Again, then why repeatedly invite me to do things with you and your family? Why have that type of person around your children? We literally just had a paint night the night before and I hung out with her two days before and she disclosed some very personal information to me.  5) She blocked me but continued to send me multiple texts. What adult in their 30s, who has never had verbal or physical altercation with the person they are messaging wouldn't just call or ask to meet up in person to discuss the issue? Especially if you claim you have no problems voicing your opinions and speaking your mind. 

Deep down I knew she and I wouldn't last as friends because even though we had many things in common we lived two completely differently lifestyles. I'm very content with being in my new home and just hanging out in the backyard or playroom with my kids. I don't get my hair done, nails done, have spa days, or go shopping for clothes, bags, and shoes nearly ever. She was into those things and there is nothing wrong with that. If she wanted someone to do those things with regularly she should have found a friend or contacted one of her "many" friends that like to do those types of activities. She also constantly made comments about how I don't wear make up and maybe I should try it. I should expect that from someone who couldn't make it through our ladies wine and paint night without taking an excessive amount of selfies on her phone and everyone else's. If you are okay with your appearance don't let someone else try to make you feel you are less than the queen you are. Fortunately as an adult I've become very confident in my appearance so her suggestions didn't phase me one bit.

Lastly, if you're a homebody it's okay. You're not going to be for everyone. I go out and do stuff but I don't have to do so every single day like she had to. 


I'll leave it up to you to decide which one she is (and she sent this to me right before she went off).