My sister bought a house & thought my door sign was cute so she wanted me to make her one for her new house as a housewarming gift. Well I went back to Michaels to find one that I started mine with, but they didn't sell those at my store anymore. So my first idea was to get a huge "W" and make a cute sign out of that with their last name & with their house number on it & maybe jazz it up a little. So I bought 9 inch white wooden "W" & a tiny sign that says "home sweet home", a small wooden "W" from Michaels, and some red ribbon. I got the "W" home & spray painted it. I wanted the colors of her sign to be gold & red, no reason why, I just thought those would look great together. Well after letting the paint dry overnight when I was trying to decide how to glue down everything on the huge W it looked kind of wonky/ugly to me so I decided to scrap this idea after I couldn't find a good way to positing everything on this 9 inch W. I then decided I would get my fiancé to go to Lowes or Home Depot (I can never remember which one is closest to my house) and get them to cut a little piece of wood about the same small size of my door sign. I would just spray paint that gold & make my own sign like the one I have on my door. Well he never did that & I only had about a week left to make the sign before I was going to her house to visit. So I went to Michaels and walked around the store hoping to find something I could make her sign with. So I stumbled upon these gold (perfect I didn't have to spray paint it the color I wanted) thick cardboard bunting banner in a pack of 10 (thinking about upgrading my sign to one like hers because in my opinion it's cuter than the one I made myself). I still had the other little wooden W I bought a couple of months ago, but I wanted to add something else to it so it wasn't so plain. So I picked up these 'Mambi stick' & 'Mambi chips' stickers. 

the scrapped idea:


For this project I used:

•gold and red spray paint (already had) 

•glue gun & glue sticks (already had) 

•Velcro strips (already had) 

•white sticko letters (already had but i believe it's $3.99)

•a small wooden W ($0.49 - it was on clearance) 

•Mambi sticks [for the anchor] ($1.99)

•gold thick cardboard banner ($7.99- i got for $5.93 with coupon)

•red satin ribbon 1 1/2 in x 4yrds ($3.99 - i got for $1.99 with coupon) 

•Mambi chips  family stickers ($4.99- i got them with a coupon for $3.70) 

As stated above my trips were all on different dates. So most of this was not all bought at one time, which is how i used coupons for so many of these buys. Copies of my receipts are below. This cost me about $15 to make, but since there are 10 pendants I could make more if I go back to get other wooden letters to place in the middle so it would be about $3-4 per sign if you make all 10 signs (factoring in spray paint, & the letters as a buy but i already had them). 


So I then got started. I spray painted the wooden W red. I used a makeshift straightedge (I used the packaging of the stickers as a ruler to keep them aligned) to place the letters down first to get a feel of where I wanted everything to go. The first thing I stuck down to the sign was the "4545" her house number. I then placed their last name down (this took me way longer than it should of. I must've put them down & repositioned them over 20 times trying to evenly space it out). Then I hot glued down my little wooden "W". I opened up the package and tried to decide which sticker I wanted for the sign. I didn't want to over do it & stick a million stickers on it so I chose the cutest little "I love our home" sticker & a small heart. I wanted it to hang from a pretty red satin ribbon with a bow in it. So my last step was threading the ribbon into the top & tying it to the back & cutting off the excess ribbon. Then I made a bow, and stuck the side of the ribbon threw the top & tied that side off & cut the excess too. I knew since I knotted the back at the top & it was cardboard it wouldn't stick perfectly to the door without something holding it down. So I gave her some Velcro strips to secure it to the door. & here's the finished project: